Past Workshops

You've heard that you're supposed to be consistent. And discipline is important. But what about grace? And mercy? How do these ideas fit together?

It can be so distressing when they lie. Or when you think they might be lying, but you don't know how to tell for sure! Here are some ideas about how to handle the situation and how to encourage your children to handle it.

You want your life and choices to be honoring to the Lord. And just about every book author or speaker has an idea about what that ought to look like. How do you sort through it all and make wise, godly decisions?

When tensions run high, it seems like the emotions can go from zero to ten in a very short amount of time. But how do you restore calm and peace? Let's talk about five areas you can address outside and inside times of conflict.

Sometimes it seems like your kids just don't care as much as they should about what they've done or how they've hurt a sibling. Is shame something we should bring to bear on our children?

Christmas time or any time of the year when gifts are being given and received is a great time to talk about considering other's interests and rejoicing with those who rejoice. Here are some practical ways to approach that.

How do you know if you're choosing and administering consequences that are appropriate for the child and for the situation? Here are three things to keep in mind.

We often thing about the negative aspect of consequences. But are there positive benefits (even blessings) to regular, consistent consequences for our children?

Sometimes the way our children apologize is rather ... stingy. Let's talk about what a "generous apology" is and how to share this idea with our kids.

"Intentional Parenting" is a popular topic these days. What does it mean, how do you know if you're doing it, and is it even possible?

Many moms struggle with anger, frustration, lost tempers, and yelling. We're diving deep into what's behind the Mom Anger and how to approach it Biblically.