Overwhelmed by sibling conflict?

constant bickering
fierce competition
teasing    tattling
rude faces and voices
physical violence

You lose sleep over it at night, and in the morning,
it's the thing that makes you dread the day.

You know you should do something, but recently,
you've taken to just hiding in your room when they fight.

The noise, the stress, the sensory overload
- it's all just so overwhelming.

You don't like the mom you've become,
resorting to harsh, angry words spoken in frustration.

You need a better plan.

Welcome to the

It's time to let go of your fears and frustrations, mama.

You need practical resources and community support to conquer the overwhelm and approach sibling conflict with confidence.

It's time to find the peace you need in your own home.

Hi, I'm Lynna, mama to eight kiddos ranging in age from teen to toddler. Because we're a homeschool family, we spend a lot of time in each other's presence and we have a lot of  chances for sibling conflict. I believe that the gospel transforms sibling conflict from an obstacle to an opportunity. Every conflict is a chance to point our children to Christ and practice repentance, forgiveness, and reliance on the grace of God. I'm here to equip you with the tools to make this a reality in your home, too.

The Sibling Opposition Solution Course

As a member of the Sibling Relationship Lab Partners, you'll have immediate access to our cornerstone resource: The Sibling Opposition Solution (S.O.S.) Online Course.

We'll help you connect the dots with straightforward answers to these questions:

  • What is my role in the sibling conflict process supposed to look like?
  • How can I figure out the emotions and motives behind the fights?
  • What practical steps can I take to encourage reconciliation?
  • How does that apply to the typical scenarios I deal with every day?

The Self-Paced S.O.S. Course covers these essentials:

  • Module 1: Mom's Mindset - Setting you up to own your powerful role as an influencer for change and growth in your home.

  • Module 2: What to Know Before You Begin - Equipping you with the insight and wisdom you'll need to understand the heart behind the hostility.

  • Module 3: Foundations of Reconciliation - Getting down to the details of settling the dust after the dispute.

  • Module 4: A Closer Look at Common Scenarios - Tackling those common conflicts you face every day with practical, straight-forward strategies.


Before I took this course, I was overwhelmed with the frequency and intensity of my children's bickering.  I am so thankful for the time I invested with Lynna in this course. I have practical tools to utilize in those heated moments when fighting is at a fever pitch and also principles I can teach and train my children in during times of peace that will serve them in their relationships now and well into the future. I really didn't expect to encounter so many ways God wants to transform me as a mom in this course. The change prompted in my own heart was the most valuable part of the whole experience.

Kristal  mom to 6, ages 6 months to 15

The Modules are broken up into Bite-Sized Lessons.

Each Lesson includes a short video (5-10 minutes) with all the content you'll need to benefit from that Lesson.

Or, take your learning on the go and access the course content via a printable PDF transcript, or a downloadable MP3 recording.

Optional extension activities help you to dig deeper into the learning and apply it in your own home.


Since taking Lynna's course, I am more consistent, seek to understand everyone’s feelings, and often avoid making swift and anger-filled judgments. Do my kids still fight? Of course! But now I’ve got some tools and resources I can turn to that point them back to Christ. I especially enjoyed the live chat sessions. It made the experience more robust and gave it a community feeling.

Becky  mom of 3 girls, ages 1 to 6

The Sibling Relationship Lab Partners Circle

The blessings of the Sibling Relationship Lab Partners extend far beyond the S.O.S. Course. While you are a member, you'll also have access to ...

Our private (online, but off social media) members-only community where you can ask questions about what you're learning, get help with your particular parenting challenges, and share what's on your heart.

Discuss episodes of the Sibling Relationship Lab podcast and how you can put the ideas into place in your own home.

Monthly live workshops focusing specifically on the sibling and parenting issues you're facing.  You'll also have access to a growing video library of past workshops.

Workshops are followed by live Q & A sessions so you can ask about what you're working on in the S.O.S. Course and beyond.

Downloadable resources including our popular Sibling Strengtheners kit, printable mini-posters and journaling pages for mom to track sibling needs and progress.

Discounts on printable products from the Sibling Relationship Lab shop like 30% off our popular Sibling Investigations Devotionals.

Private groups for discussing a variety of books - both fiction and non-fiction - with moms like you to encourage us all to read and think!


I have been surprised by how much Lynna's approach to sibling conflict has changed my heart towards my children. I find myself much more patient and compassionate with them. I signed up for the course hoping to change my children, but found myself changed, too, by the experience. I used to just want the fighting to end, through whatever means made that happen the fastest. Now I see sibling conflict as a way to work with the children on their hearts and attitudes.

Allison  mom to 3, ages 7 to 10

Now it's your turn! Join us.


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