SRL 13: Gossip

What should your kids do if they have a problem with a sibling? Is it OK to talk to another sibling about that problem? What if you talk to one of your kids about another sibling? Is that gossip?Today we’re tackling the topic of gossip specifically from the perspective of family relationships. We’re going to …

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SRL 8: Positive Rules

It’s been one of those days. The kids have been on edge with each other. And you can tell that they really aren’t treating each other well. But they haven’t technically broken any rules. Nobody actually did anything mean on purpose.Have you ever felt like something was missing? Like there was a loophole in your sibling guidance? It …

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SRL 7: When Hubby Doesn’t Handle Sibling Conflict “Right”

You’ve thought a lot about sibling conflict. Maybe you’ve read some books, or some blog posts. Maybe you’ve even listen to some podcasts (wink, wink). But what if your hubby isn’t on board? What if he doesn’t adopt your methods or even has his own opinion about how sibling conflicts should be mediated? What’s a …

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