Hi there. I'm Lynna, homeschool mom of eight kiddos ages teen to toddler. Am I an "expert" in sibling parenting? Nope. But I think I can accurately claim that I've had my fair share of experience with sibling conflict over the years! And do you want to know a secret?

Sibling parenting hasn't been at all what I expected!
Can you relate?

Love God, Love Your Brother?

When it really comes down to it, you just want two things for your kids.

You want them to love God and love people.

But they can't even spend five minutes in the same room with each other without bickering.

Isn't there some verse about how you can't love a God you can't see if you can't even LOVE THE BROTHER WHO IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?!?

You had this tender image in your mind of what loving sibling relationships should look like. And you have a very, very vivid (and not so tender) picture of where things stand right now between the children in your home.

And you have no idea how to get "there" from "here".

Where's the Road Map?!?

Maybe you didn't grow up in a Christian home or in a healthy family where you got to see what loving relationships are supposed to look like.

Maybe you were an only child and so this whole sibling thing feels like foreign (hostile?) territory.

Or maybe you did grow up with great role models, but now you feel stuck. Just because you know what can be doesn't mean you know how to explain it to your kids or get them to buy into the plan.

Or, maybe you do have a good system. You thought. But all of the lessons, the lectures, and the Bible verse memory plans just don't seem to be paying off like you expected.

No matter what you try, the kids still fight. Everyday. In a way that just absolutely breaks your heart.

You feel discouraged, defeated, and you're not even sure what to try next.

This IS the Path!

When your experience of sibling parenting doesn't match up with what you thought it was going to look like, it's tempting to assume you've gotten it all wrong.

Maybe there's a book out there somewhere. Maybe other folks know a secret you don't know.

If anyone should have had an "inside advantage" it was me.

I grew up in a warm, loving, gospel-preaching church. My father - one of the most gentle and patient people I know - was one of the elders. And my mom - one of the wisest and most relationship-oriented people I know - is a licensed Christian counselor.

Surely if anyone would be well equipped to parent siblings with wisdom and skill, I was a prime candidate.

But God knew that I needed something even more than straights A's and blue ribbons in parenting.

He knew I needed Christ.

If you want to hear more about that journey, I share a pivotal moment in my parenting in the first episode of the Sibling Relationship podcast. You can listen here.

I promise, a huge part of your struggle in sibling parenting isn't that you're doing it "wrong". It's that the world (and sometimes even the church) has sold you a false bill of goods about your parenting job and what you can be expected to accomplish.

I believe the gospel transforms sibling conflict from an obstacle to an opportunity.

Won't you join us and find out how?

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